Bloom Baby Sensitive Baby Wipes Review

Before the time to potty train, as any parent can tell you – baby wipes are a necessity! I had a chance to try these wipes from Bloom Baby, and I’m impressed!

This is a sponsored post by Bloom Baby in which I received free product in exchange for an unbiased, honest review. This post also contains affiliate links, that only give me a very small percentage of compensation, in order to keep this blog running. Please see disclosure page for more info.

Bloom Baby sensitive baby wipes

From birth to potty training, trust me; you’re going to use a lot of wipes. And finding just the right brand can be difficult. If your baby has sensitive skin issues, or if you just want to avoid harsh or questionable chemicals, there’s a few options out there. One, is Bloom Baby sensitive baby wipes, which we had the opportunity to try. And I can honestly say, it’s a great brand!

Bloom Baby sensitive baby wipes, are made with 98% all natural ingredients. They contain 100% HydroPure water, and are enriched with the plant-derived vitamins A, B-Complex, D, Omega-3, and -6.

Bloom Baby sensitive baby wipes have absolutely no fragrance, and are super soft! Since they also contain a moisturizing lotion, these are ideal for babies who are prone to rashes, eczema, and other skin issues. I like the quality of the wipes-they are durable, but sooo soft. And I don’t have to worry about drying out, or irritating, my son’s skin.

Bloom Baby Sensitive baby wipes can be found at Target (online and select stores), and even Amazon! If you are able to order the bulk big box, they come with a free handy Grab N’ Go reusable clutch to store wipes in your diaper bag (and honestly, you can’t have enough of these!).

Have you tried Bloom Baby sensitive baby wipes? Let me know your thoughts below!Bloom Baby Sensitive Baby Wipes #bloomtogether

Author: Jasmine

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2 thoughts on “Bloom Baby Sensitive Baby Wipes Review”

  1. This sounds pretty good! Ive been buying the largest pack of pampers wipes since my kiddos are only good with pampers products. They are allergic to so many brand names and im always scared to try anything new..but i tried honest and it was awesome for them too! I’ll check them out.

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