Reasons Why You Should Learn To Cut Hair with Andis

Mothers Take On Many Roles

And believe it or not, hairstylist can be one of them! There are many reasons why it’s totally beneficial to learn how to do an easy style and cut. Today I’ll give a few reasons why I decided to learn how to cut my family’s hair, and give a review of the Andis At Home Headstyler Hair Clipper!

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I learned how to cut simple styles for men, by learning and practicing on my Dad and brothers. Once you get the hang of it, which doesn’t take long, you can see how helpful this skill can be for the family! Here’s a list of reasons why I’m glad I learned this…

You’ll save time!

It might not seem like you would, but think about the time it takes to schedule appointments, drive to a barbershop or stylist, and wait. If I send my husband out for a simple cut, it sometimes takes up to two hours! Although, I wonder what they’re actually doing in there. Here at home, it takes only minutes!

Save Money!

Every shop is different, but on average, a men’s haircut is usually a lot cheaper than a woman’s. But even then, it’s usually between $10-$15 and then including a tip, you could be spending anywhere between $17-$30! Also not counting in the gas it takes to drive there. And that’s talking a simple cut, not just styling, or color, or whatever else you want done. The men in my family are pretty simple, but the point remains-it’s money saved if they just come see me.

Learning a skill

Granted, it’s not enough to blaze through class and get certified in, but cutting and styling hair is still a useful skill. And who knows-this might be the way to discover your true calling! I never ask for anything when I cut my family and friend’s hair, and I prefer offering my services to a struggling mom who desperately needs their son’s hair cut for school. It’s pretty useful knowledge to have, even if you never learn how to style longer looks for women.

Andis Headstyler Hair Clipper

Buying a quality hair clipper is the key for success. And over the years, I’veAndis Hedstyler At Home Hair Clippers used several different types. I was excited to try this one from Andis – the Headstyler At Home Kit. Complete with,

  • 12 attachment combs for the clipper
  • barber & tapered combs
  • scissors
  • blade guard
  • oil
  • brushAndis Headstyler at home hair clippers

All in a great durable case. 20 pieces total, promising a professional cut with high quality steel blades.It can also be use on wet or dry hair! Andis Headstyler comes with a 5 year warranty, which I can say, is very handy! What I really liked about the Andis headstyler, is that the promises hold true-it cuts great! Never a snag in the blades, and gives a really smooth cut, easily! You can tell it’s a really high quality product, I was seriously impressed! My brother Michael helped me demonstrate this short video, which was the first time using this clipper, so the reactions are genuine as I just opened the kit. And it’s also great for touching up your beard too, guys!

I tried to get my son to sit for his first cut-but the noise did scare him. Oh well, he’s still a little young for it anyway.

You can get your own Andis Headstyler 20 Piece Home Haircut Kit here. Have you ever considered learning how to cut your families hair?

Reasosn why you should learn to cut and style your family's hair

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2 thoughts on “Reasons Why You Should Learn To Cut Hair with Andis”

  1. When I was a little girl I wanted to be a hairstylist. I guess this could be my chance, LOL. I have daughters but maybe my husband would let me cut his hair… 🙂

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