PTC Heating Hair Straightener Brush Review

PTC Heating Hair Straightener Brush


Looking for a new hair straightener?

Even with naturally straight hair, I tend to use a hair straightener. It just looks better! So I’m always looking for a better model, brand, etc. My hair needs high heat to do anything! So you can imagine my excitement to try this one…

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This is a Positive Temperature Coefficient, or PTC Heating Hair Straightener Brush. So it’s a little different than your regular flat iron. For one, it has the PTC Nano technology-ceramic stones inside that quickly heat up (and I mean quick!). The silicone brush bristles help protect your scalp and hair from heat damage (and burns!).

And unlike most straighteners, you need to only brush your hair to achieve that sleek, straight look! It’s also recommended for all types of hair-which I obviously can’t test because I have ONE type of hair, but it has received good reviews!PTC Heating Hair Straightener Brush

My test results?

So lemme tell you about my hair-it’s already very straight and super fine. But, that doesn’t mean I don’t use a straightener-because even straight hair looks better when it’s actually flattened with heat. Oddly enough, and probably more due to the climate here, I still need a lot of heat to get my hair to react to styling tools.PTC Heating Hair Straightener Brush

The PTC Heating Hair Straightener Brush heated remarkably well, and it didn’t take very long to do it’s job! This is way easier than letting my usual flat iron warm up, and repeatedly go over sections that didn’t quite get all the “bends” out. You do want to make sure your hair is free of tangles, but the brush itself works great! I can see using this a lot when I just don’t have a lot of time to dedicate on my hair.

One drawback-it’s temperature gauge is in Celsius, and doing that math to convert over to Fahrenheit isn’t exactly what I feel like doing first thing in the morning.

You can get your own PTC Heating Hair Straightener Brush here, and I give this a 4 outta 5 (just because I’m stubborn with the temp gauge). I think this is great for a busy mom that is running short of hair-styling time.

PTC Heated Hair Straightener Brush

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