Beyond The Tiger Mom Book Review

Beyond The Tiger Mom

Beyond The Tiger Mom

Parenting comes in many forms. No one way is better than another. But with this in mind, it never hurts to check out what is happening on the other side of the fence. Today I have the pleasure of sharing with you the new book, Beyond The Tiger Mom by Maya Thiagarajan.


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Western vs Asian

Beyond The Tiger Mom is all about taking bits and pieces from each parenting style, and incorporating them into your own way of raising a family. This book does a really great job of delving into common stereotypes everyone has probably heard about Asian (and even American) culture and child-rearing. The end of each chapter, explains awesome ways you can improve your child’s education, self-esteem, and discipline.Beyond The Tiger Mom

Beyond The Tiger Mom has a warm, funny, and honest outlook on parenting (both Western & Asian style!). Another great feature, are real-life interviews from Asian & Indian parents, on their views of child-rearing and the contrast of cultures.

I like this book, because it isn’t all just one-sided opinion of “how to raise kids.” But rather, an exploration into why certain cultures do certain things. And the reader can take from it, as they wish.

It’s refreshing to read how other parents handle different aspects of raising a family. So if you’re curious to other culture’s ways of parenting, or want another perspective on how to involve yourself with your child’s education, do check this book out!


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Beyond The Tiger Mom - a unique perspective on the differences of western and eastern parenting

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