Beard Catcher Cape Review

Beard Catcher Cape

If you have a beard, you need this cape…

I know I’m not the only one who hates finding a sink full of hair after my husband trims his beard. That’s why this Beard Catcher cape makes the perfect Father’s Day gift for any bearded man…

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Whoever invented this is a genius. Or a pissed-off woman who became Beard Catcher Capetired of cleaning what appears to be the remnants of a dead rabbit out of the bathroom sink. Either way…genius!

The design is pretty simple, and leaves us women wondering why we never thought of it ourselves. The cape is worn around the neck, and attaches to the mirror by way of suction cup. It’s fairly large, so it’ll fit any size guy, and should cover any size countertop.


  • Hair will fall into the cape itself, thus keeping it off the counter, out of theBeard Catcher Cape sink, and away from your sanity!
  • Comes with a nifty styling tool for trimming sideburns and beard lines


  • Depending on the width of your countertop surface area VS the height of the wearer, you may be knocking things off the sink area.
  • Some hair may slide off the cape itself because of aforementioned logistics.

Most of the hair is caught, and you’d be amazed with side by side comparison of what the sink looks like had you not used it. My husband think’s it’s great, and I love the fact I’m not scooping up little hair trimmings out of the drain anymore. So much money saved on Draino!

I recommend this Beard Catcher for Father’s Day, Birthdays, Christmas, or anytime you just want to eliminate the need to clean beard hair out of everything! The Beard Catcher Cape is an excellent gift not just for your bearded man..but yourself!

Beard Catcher Cape-Perfect For Father's day!

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