Baby Harness: Why We Like Using The Yochi Yochi Harness


Active and brave toddler…

Bruce is now 20 months old, and officially faster than Mommy and Daddy. So now we have a dilemma on our hands-what to do with a brave toddler? Many parents swear by using a baby harness, while others condemn them. But are they really beneficial…or degrading?

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Steeped in controversy

Now I will admit-15 years ago, the first time I saw one of these, I was a little…confused, I guess would be the best word. For one, I didn’t know such things were made. Two, I didn’t fully understand the need. But as the trend grew, I noticed that they did seem to help. And now that I have a compulsive little sprinter with a mind of his own, I see the need.

Now, even my parents said “Well we never used anything like that, we taught all our kids to walk with us.” Well, I’m sure that if these were available in the 80’s, you would have used it, Mom! A lot of baby products weren’t available back then, but my son certainly uses them at Grandma’s house now. I don’t think anyone is just not “teaching their child to walk with them” when using this product. I look at baby harnesses as a safety device.

Small children are known for bolting. They get excited, and they run. So I believe it’s a great way to keep them within boundaries, but give them freedom. Plus, not to add more paranoia to the world we live in, but how often do we hear about someone’s child getting snatched at an amusement park, or a busy store, by a kidnapper? I would like to think that my child being literally tethered to me would deter anyone from wanting to take him, or the risk of him being just a step too far away from me being greatly reduced by using a baby harness.

Yochi Yochi 3 in 1 Baby Harness

We’ve been using the Yochi Yochi baby harness when running errands. This harness doubles as a portable high chair as well, which is awesome for reducing the number of items in your diaper bag. You can attach it to any chair, making it a baby safe highchair! Another great use, is as aYochi Yochi Baby Harness safety harness for shopping carts-because I know I’m not the only Mother to pull 5 carts out of a row, only to find all five are missing the seat straps :-/

I do love that I can give my toddler freedom, but within a safe limit. I believe this would be ideal for pregnant Moms who already have a toddler to keep up with, and Mother’s with several older children, who need help keeping all the ducklings together. This way you can focus more on the group, with the smallest attached to you, but still providing some freedom. And because this can be used as other things, it saves so much space in the diaper bag!

The fabric can be easily cleaned, because it’s machine washable! Yochi Yochi Yochi baby harnessYochi Baby Harness is comfortable and breathable, and has a really long strap for parents to hold on to. The velcro is super for keeping little escape artists, like my son, secure. I’ll admit, we got a few amused looks when using it, but most of the time, everyone we have encountered has said the same thing: these are so handy!

But it’s a child, not a dog! Leashes are for dogs!

Slow your roll, sanctimommy! It’s not like I’m allowing my toddler to pee on a tree while eating doggy biscuits. Part of being a parent, is to make tough decisions. And finding the best way to keep your child safe, is a tough decision that requires careful consideration. So if you really don’t like the idea of baby harnesses, then don’t buy one. But if you’ve weighed all the options, and believe the benefits outweigh the scrutiny you’ll receive from keeping your child in a baby harness, then by all means invest in one. I believe it’s beneficial to me and my son, and recommend its use. It saves me having to deal with a meltdown when he refuses to go in a shopping cart. And we are teaching him the freedom of movement, within limits.

Why we like using the Yochi Yochi 3 in 1 baby harness with our walking toddler

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3 thoughts on “Baby Harness: Why We Like Using The Yochi Yochi Harness”

  1. Haha I used to say the dog thing, but I was also 14. I still have mixed feelings, but they’re becoming less mixed now that I have two toddlers lol. It’s pretty amazing that you can turn it into a booster. HOW does it convert?!

    1. The straps go around the back of the chair, and the extra harness piece on the bottom goes between babyes legs. See my youtube video for more info on that!:-)

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