Choosing a Double Stroller: Things to Consider

Things to consider when buying a double stroller

Things to Consider when Choosing a Double Stroller

With the second baby on the way or if you are expecting twins, you could be asking yourself what type of double stroller will work best for you. Before buying a double stroller, you must consider many factors. Double strollers used to be large and cumbersome items that would often limit movement. This often resulted in inconveniences at the sidewalks and walkways because of the width. The best quality double strollers are less bulky, easy to maneuver and more compact. As you think about what type of double stroller will work best for you, you could consider the following. (Photo credit: Joe Shlabotnik via Visualhunt / CC BY-NC-SA)

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Double Jogging Strollers

These are the best strollers for families that are active. They have three big wheels that look like bicycle-racing wheels. They are very strong and sturdy and can withstand minor vibrations. They are good for walking or jogging in both smooth and rough terrains. Due to the rear wheel suspension system, maneuvering it is easier. Choose a double jogging stroller if you’re not concerned with weight and want to take your kids on a run with you.

Side by side double strollers

These strollers have two seats side by side. They are made narrowly such that they allow easier movement through store aisle, doorways and walkways. The size of one seat on the stroller is the same as a baby’s car seat. With this stroller, both the children get the same leg and arm room. They can therefore see each other and communicate. This type of stroller allows the babies to clearly see their surroundings, and both kids can be easily reached.

Tandem strollers

With tandem baby strollers, one seat is located behind the other. The back seat has room that allows it to be fully reclined but the front one cannot be reclined entirely. This stroller, therefore, is ideal when you have a toddler and an infant. The toddler will sit in front while the younger sibling seats or lies at the back.

All terrain double strollers

All terrain strollers are also known as sport utility strollers. They are best fit for parents who prefer taking long off-road hikes or walks as opposed to the normal smooth pavements and walkways. Babies will find these strollers comfortable despite the rough terrain. Depending with the type of stroller, the seats could be located side by side or one after the other.

Umbrella double strollers

These strollers are called umbrella because of the curved double handles that fold up pretty easily; just like in umbrellas. These are the lightest, the simplest and the smallest strollers that you will get in the market. Basically, they have vinyl or cloth on basic frame. They have limited features like limited storage basket and sunshade. Most of them weigh utmost 32 pounds.

Last but not least, stick to your budget. We all want the best for our babies but remember that a stroller is only one of the few things you need to purchase. If you’re really tight on budget, consider buying a used stroller on Craigslist or a rummage sale. Also keep watch on the Sunday ads for specials. Strollers are always on sale and can save you a bundle.


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Things to consider when buying a double stroller

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2 thoughts on “Choosing a Double Stroller: Things to Consider”

  1. I have the BabyTrend Expedition double jogging stroller and I love it. It pushes smoothly and can take a lot of heavy use. It’s a tight fit through a regular door but it usually can make it.

  2. Great descriptions and tips. Another thing to consider is COLOR! I got that bright green tandem one in the picture up there and it rode great buuuuut ended up looking dirty even after it was cleaned after months of spit up, snacks, sand, dirt, etc..We have a black one now haha

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