10 Ways I Am Rocking Motherhood

Every Mom needs some positivity…

There’s enough people out there fueling the Mommy Wars with one sided opinions. “This is better”, or “I would never.”There’s a pretty big lack of respect¬†when it comes to entertaining the idea of a different parenting style, birth plan, or even diapering method (other than your own). It’s important to not focus on the negative, and instead, embrace the positive. So today, I’m counting all the tings I think make me a good Mom…and forgetting everyone else’s reason I’m not good enough for it. Motherhood isn’t easy, but oh so worth it…

I have been nominated by Ivy at SAHM Plus,¬†(thank you!) to explain 10 ways I am #rockingmotherhood in this challenge! And, I’ll also let you know how you can rock it, too!

#10 I play with my son

Be it dinosaurs, monster trucks, or a toddler electronic drum set; we play. It creates more bonding experiences for us both, and memories. Play is important for developing minds, and it’s a great excuse to be lazy about other things.

#9 I involve my son in daily routines

My little buddy helps me with the dishes, by playing with his trucks at my feet. He dog piles onto the laundry I’m folding on the bed. We walk to the mailbox together. These are all learning experiences for him, and eventually he will be able to actually help with some of these chores. Again, it’s about bonding as well…

#8 I make the best choices for him

Note my words are “the best for him” and not every one else’s baby. I felt it was just as risky for us to be induced than let my pregnancy go any longer than 41 weeks, and it resulted in a healthy baby with no issues. I chose to breastfeed rather than use formula. We use cloth, instead of disposable diapers. My son has never suffered as a result of these choices, despite other people’s objections to them. I only want to make, what I feel, are the best choices for my son – I don’t have time to worry about anyone else’s.

#7 I practice self-care

Self-Care is an often not talked about, but necessity for Motherhood. You can’t care for someone else, if you aren’t caring for yourself. So I take some necessary time off to tend to my needs. Some days, this is merely a hot shower while my husband has the baby. Sometimes it’s dinner with friends. But everyone needs to some to reflect, and rest. And when I’m better rested, I can care for my family even more.

#6 “I Love You” Is said a lot

Yes, my baby is but a baby. But he understands more than you’d think for his age. And I can tell when he’s just about sick of me snuggling him. And Kissing those cheeks. And saying “I love you.” One day, there will come a time when my son will complain that I’m “embarrassing him” in front of his friends. So until that day comes, he will be on the receiving line of extra affection. Because I don’t want him to ever think, for a second, that he isn’t absolutely loved.

#5 I’m still a parent, even with one kid

The size of your family does not equal the amount of your parenting. Motherhood isn’t defined by the number of children you have. We mother’s have an unfathomable amount of love for our children. My son is just the one lucky baby to get it all (right now).

#4 We do bedtime stories

Nighttime snuggles are the best-and we have a routine of snuggling with a story. Now he doesn’t always fall asleep automatically, or even for several hours. It’s the bonding that’s most important.

#3 I Take Interest

Now, this can be achieved as easily with a 19 month old, as it can with an 8 year old. If my son wants to show me a toy, I use it to play with him. When he’s giggling at an animal, I repeat the name of the animal back to him. I know some of his favorite things are Monster Trucks, so I make an effort to keep an eye for them in area activities. Kids start having interests early, and it never hurts to become involved right from the start.

#2 I spoil him

Now, if you want to be negative and mention that because he’s an only child, my son is automatically spoiled, I can’t stop you. That isn’t what spoils children. I know families of 3 with terribly spoiled children. But what I mean by spoiling may be different than others. I give him extra bath time because he loves splashing. He gets an cookie if he finishes his dinner. I know his favorite cartoon character is Peppa Pig, so we are already planning his birthday party six months in advance to include the theme. My idea of spoiling, is to make my baby happy. So he is completely rotten!

#1 I worry about being a good Mom…

Most mothers often wonder if they are doing the right thing. I don’t think it’s completely natural to be absolutely sure about everything you are doing. So if you are concerned about your efforts as a mother, I’ll give you the same advice given to me. If you are worried that you might not be a “Good Mom”, relax….because you already are. The fact that it worries you from time to time, means you care. And Good Mothers care.

Hopefully, my reasons I’m rocking this motherhood thing, will give you some ideas on how you can (and probably already are!) too. I nominate Riley & Stephanie to join in this challenge with me!

1.Thank the blogger that tagged you and link to their blog.
2.List 10 things you believe make you a good mother (this is just a guideline. It can be more or less than 10.
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What’s some of the ways you Rock Motherhood? Comment below!
10 Ways I Am Rocking Motherhood, and You Can Too!

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