It’s The Little Things…

Sometimes it just takes the smallest things to show someone you love them. Sometimes, it takes a Caveman SpongeBob.

My husband is one of the hardest people to shop for. He already has everything he wants/needs, and it’s hard to get a read on what might interest him that he doesn’t already own. So for Father’s Day (especially since he really spoiled me, as he always does), I’ve been kinda screwed.

I’m not very crafty-unless pinterest fails count-so while I really wanted to try a cute project with baby’s footprint on top of Ryan’s bootprint, I was turned off by the idea that paint might not wash off rubber. Or Bruce’s foot. We have an array of coffee mugs no one uses. He’s not the kind of guy to wear a baseball hat with “Dad” across the front. I was quickly running out of ideas for that perfect gift.

Tonight, my Mother, my Son, and myself went shopping and made a stop at the local Wal-Mart (so fun *eye roll*…Wal-Mart can be a pain) and as I was looking for pool toys for a friend’s child’s party this month, I found it. It’s perfect, and the timing couldn’t be better.

Caveman SpongeBob.

For the last week, my husband has been caught laughing his ass off at these “Caveman SpongeBob” memes on Facebook. (Just google it, trust me) He thinks they are utterly hilarious, and has to show me each one he finds. I’ll admit, some are pretty funny, and on spot. And just today he mentioned that his yellow truck (dubbed the Yellow Submarine) needed a Caveman SpongeBob sticker on the side.

Well, it wasn’t a sticker, but something about this little beanbag toy meant it was perfect for him.

I was too excited to keep it hidden until Father’s Day. So after Bruce went to bed, I made Ryan close his eyes and explained that this was,
A: For him, not…
B: For baby….

He was tickled! He laughed his butt off and plans to hang it from the rearview mirror.

That’s what love is about. It’s about noticing the little things that probably seem insignificant at the time, until you find a way to use them to show your admiration and appreciation for someone. My husband does this for me all the time-little notes on the refrigerator, and bringing me treats after a long day. This wasn’t much, and isn’t going to be his big Father’s day gift-but it made him happy, and that’s worth everything to me.

                                                                      I could have got him an expensive w13395008_1616891725267847_1093240473_natch he would break, another tool to lose in the abyss of tools he keeps in the truck, or a hat that will just get sweaty and stained. And that’s not to say I might still get him those things. But I seriously doubt any of that will make him as giddy as that stupid little kid’s $5 toy.


Author: Jasmine

SAHM to one little boy, and wife to a former member of the USMC. I blog about parenting, relationships, brands I love, and product reviews!

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