So You Need A Name?

Picking out a name for your new baby can be one of the most fun, exciting, and creative things you will do in preparation of welcoming your child into the world.
It can also be one of the more frustrating,  tiresome,  and confusing tasks. I mean it is pretty important,  and it’s easy to get overwhelmed.
So here’s a few things to try and remember, that really helped me,  when it comes to choosing a name. We wanted something modern,  but not new age. Unique,  but not too popular. We started with….
Making a brainstorm list
I wrote down each name combination that came to mind, immediately. Even if I didn’t like it at the time. It helps to keep you organized,  keep track of what you have thought of, and then as you sift through options you might think of more. You may not like one suggestion at first,  but reviewing your list over and over,  you might find one particular name growing on you before long.
Explore inspiration
Reading, watching movies,  browsing the internet-keep your eyes open for different sources for inspiration that you might not have thought of.  Google helped me a lot as I was looking for different avenues in search of a name.
I once searched “comic book names” just as a goof after being overwhelmed with things I was finding on different baby name websites. It opened up a whole new realm of ideas!
Repeat As Necessary
The best advice I ever heard for picking a name came from a friend I worked with in South Carolina years ago. When deciding on a name,  be sure to say it a hundred times-the FULL NAME-if you aren’t sick of it, then it’s a keeper.
Makes sense,  because you are probably going to be saying, or even screaming, the full name if your kids over and over again for years, especially if they are naughty. I can still remember my friend mimicing her own test…
“Miguel..  Miguel…Miguel Carlos….MIGUEL CARLOS ESPINOSA! “
My cat became my guinea pig. And each name combo I came up with, I would yell repeatedly to test the “flow” of the name…
Bruce…Bruce…Bruce (insert middle & last name) x2…
After about twenty times, if I could still yell and like it,  the name stuck.  And that’s how we picked our son’s name.
The last piece of advice had definitely been the best for us. Now that I look back at that brainstorming list at some names I really loved at the time,  I can see how they didn’t pass the above test, and I’m not really that keen on them now. My son’s name fits his personality, and that’s what’s most important.
How did you go about picking a name? Did you try outside the norm or more traditional?

Teething/Nursing Necklaces: Meadoria Product Review

Anyone in the market for a teething/nursing necklace?

I had the wonderful opportunity to review this beautiful teething/nursing necklace made my Larisa Rachkovskiy at Meadoria, and it is awesome!

I’ve tried nursing necklaces before, I made one myself using similar beads and cord, but it was a fail on my part. The cord actually hurt my neck during those lovely yanks that I think all babies MUST do when nursing, and while simple, it just didn’t have much flair.

This is beautifully made with crocheted beads and natural wood. And there’s a variety of colors to choose from (mine is Royal Blue and I LOVE it! Even my husband thought it made more of a fashion statement as well as a practical use). Non-toxic materials (which we all love), and if wood just ins’t your thing, she even has a variety of silicone products to choose from just for kids, and they are super cute!

But the real test? Wearing it with my son, almost ten months old now and very active during feedings. I love how big the beads are, and he gets more sensory play with the crocheted beads, but honestly the best part? It didn’t hurt my neck during those annoying yanks! and unlike my homemade necklace, I could shorten this if needed, or keep it long – and bonus, it looks amazing either way!
And amazingly comfortable – not heavy at all, very, very light.

Knotted at the ends of the beads so you don’t have to worry if it actually becomes untied around your neck, you won’t lose anything. It IS real, natural wood, which has no toxic sealant or lacquer on it. The wood is coated with a blend of organic coconut oil & organic beeswax. You can restore it and keep it in good condition by using olive oil or coconut oil to help keep it’s natural sheen (I prefer coconut.)

And my son loves to play with it! It keeps him well entertained during nursing, and I don’t have to worry about anything toxic getting to him when chewing.

med4 med5 med6

Meadoria has a lot of awesome products as well as this one. I love how the paciclips are designed and kinda disappointed I don’t have a use for them (Bruce has never taken to a paci). Check out her facebook and etsy pages.There’s different styles of necklaces for mom (The pendant teething/nursing necklace is my favorite!), necklaces for kids, burp cloths and blankets, and even hair accessories!


And thank you again to Larisa at Meadoria, for the beautiful necklace and letting me write a review for her! This is one I’m definitely recommending for anyone in the market!

Meadoria on Etsy
Meadoria on Facebook
Meadoria on Instagram

Top 5 Reasons Why I Cloth Diaper

Top 5 Reasons Why I Cloth Diaper!

So if you’ve ever wondered what cloth diapering is, and why it might be an option for you,
I’ve complied the top 5 reasons I chose to go Cloth VS Disposable diapers… Continue reading “Top 5 Reasons Why I Cloth Diaper”

World’s Best Husband

What makes the World’s Best Husband?
Well I could brag about mine all day. And usually do. Not because of any particular thing he does or says, but because of all the things he does as a whole.
I remember visiting his Dad once,  and my husband later telling me what he was instructed to do in order to let me know I was appreciated.
“Every once in a while,  buy her some flowers. “
He has never once bought me flowers.  But he knows I’m just not a flower kind of person. They are pretty,  but I’m not the kind of woman who yerns for a bouquet of expensive roses I’ll no doubt forget to water,  and allow to wilt away in a few days.
Ice cream?  Hells yes! Wine? Tequila?! Even better! He knows I can appreciate those things more than expensive flowers.
I craved lime all throughout my pregnancy, and as it got closer to our son’s birth,  I kept dropping hints that margaritas were in order as soon as I were released from the hospital.  I honestly forgotten all about it until the first night our new baby was home.  My sweet husband ran out,  brought back ice cream & Margaritaville mix, and said,  “You’ve done enough.  Relax for a while. “
At Christmas,  after listening to my ranting about society as a collective becoming worse and the world a scarier place,  He didn’t go out and get some over priced jewelry that will sit on my dresser for the majority of its life (because I don’t wear a lot of jewelry) or some other stereotypical Husband gift. He bought me a gun-made sure I could shoot it effectively-and bought my concealed carry permit.
“You need to know how to protect yourself if you’re ever in a situation and I’m mot around. ” And he made sure of that.
He talks to me. We discuss things that are going on in our lives,  and its not just to humor each other.  He takes a genuine interest in what’s going on other than the day to day trivial tasks of a SAHM.
Sometimes I’ll have girlfriends ask,  “how are things going between y’all? ” and they seem surprised,  maybe even disappointed,  that I don’t have a huge bitch list to get off my chest. But we really never fight-our arguments are even stupid and comical-and we have an all around healthy relationship.  And that’s how it’s supposed to be! You aren’t supposed to find yourself bitching about your spouse all the time.
And no, mine doesn’t shower me with flowers & jewelry at every holiday… and I don’t want him to. I want him to keep doing exactly what he’s doing;  paying attention to what I say and putting forth the effort to show that not only does he listen. But he cares.
And that’s why I have the World’s Best Husband.

5 tips for buying/selling items online through PayPal

I’ve learned alot about selling online

So, when I’m not busy writing, raising a child, being an awesome wife, I take on the role of an admin for a Facebook group built for the buying, selling, and trading of cloth diapers. There’s a small team of us, and we approve posts before going live to ensure they meet requirements, and act as a Liaison between buyer/seller should anything go wrong.

So this post is aimed at helping you with all your online selling, trading, and buying transactions (be it cloth or anything!). From the perspective of an admin, a buyer, and a seller,  hopefully you will find these tips helpful! Continue reading “5 tips for buying/selling items online through PayPal”