Cardimom Summer Tank Open Weave Sweater for Breastfeeding/Maternity

It’s Summertime!

Another Backless Bra Option with MyBruneiStore

Cute summer outfits, always have me looking for more options when it comes to my underwear. So in my quest to find the perfect backless bra for halter tops and backless dresses, I stumbled upon this padded 1/2 cup bra…

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Oolala Magic Shaping Self-Adhesive Bra-Does It Work?

On the market for a backless bra?

With summer about to be in full swing, women everywhere are looking for the perfect backless bras to compliment their outfits. So does the (growing in popularity) Oolala Magic Shaping Self-Adhesive Bra by Holly O work? I tried it, and this was my experience… Continue reading “Oolala Magic Shaping Self-Adhesive Bra-Does It Work?”

BooJee Beads Fashion Lanyard Review

I have a problem of losing my keys…

…I blame this problem on lanyards. What I mean to say is, if I don’t have one, I lose my keys. Luckily, I just got another, and the best part is how stylish and comfortable it is!

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Outfit Of The Day For Date Night – The Little Velvet Dress


My Outfit Of The Day for a Date Night!

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