Don’t Let Them Steal Your Joy

Motherhood is full of Joy, and Doubt…

One thing no one ever tells you, when becoming a first time mother, is the amount of criticism you will undoubtedly face on a day to day basis. And parenting is full of it! Continue reading “Don’t Let Them Steal Your Joy”

Guest Post: Is There A Mom Uniform?

This was actually posted a little while back, but I had so much fun writing this!

I did a guest post (My first ever actually!) for Living For Naptime, which is an awesome website! You can learn about how to start your own blog from the best! If it’s something you’re interested in, check it out!
This post itself is about the fashion stereotypes that all mothers face, as well as judgement for their wardrobe choices.
Since writing this, I still wear exactly what I want. Crop tops, short dresses, low rise jeans…yeah. No cares given!
Check it out as well as the other great articles that Chrystie at Living For has to offer!

Guest Post: Exercising My Courage Muscles

Yet another guest post: Today I was actually also featured on the site, OurHappyTalk, writing a piece about Courage.

My inner courage has gotten me through a lot-one of the toughest things? Pregnancy

I’ve even had to break out my courage here very lately, and it’s true; the more you exercise it, the stronger it is.

Check out the full article here, and let me know what you think!

Guest Post: Being a Stay At Home Mom

Today I actually did a guest post over at Megan Duncan’s site on being a Stay At Home Mom. So it’s actually not here…it’s there.

Head on over to check it out, as well as her awesome blog, that I have been through enjoying!

When You Can’t Tan…Lifestyle Changes After Children

It’s that time of year again…

Ah, friends…I do believe Summer is upon us. Well, maybe not entirely, but it’s getting in the 90’s here in Georgia, and that’s close enough.
This time last year, I could barely walk, giant pregnant belly obstructing my feet from view, waddling back and forth between the freezer and my chair (Popsicle in hand). It’s not officially summer yet, but I’m already getting the question, “So, are you gonna tan this year?” Continue reading “When You Can’t Tan…Lifestyle Changes After Children”