Top 5 Reasons Why I Cloth Diaper

Top 5 Reasons Why I Cloth Diaper!

So if you’ve ever wondered what cloth diapering is, and why it might be an option for you,
I’ve complied the top 5 reasons I chose to go Cloth VS Disposable diapers… Continue reading “Top 5 Reasons Why I Cloth Diaper”

World’s Best Husband

What makes the World’s Best Husband?
Well I could brag about mine all day. And usually do. Not because of any particular thing he does or says, but because of all the things he does as a whole.
I remember visiting his Dad once,  and my husband later telling me what he was instructed to do in order to let me know I was appreciated.
“Every once in a while,  buy her some flowers. “
He has never once bought me flowers.  But he knows I’m just not a flower kind of person. They are pretty,  but I’m not the kind of woman who yerns for a bouquet of expensive roses I’ll no doubt forget to water,  and allow to wilt away in a few days.
Ice cream?  Hells yes! Wine? Tequila?! Even better! He knows I can appreciate those things more than expensive flowers.
I craved lime all throughout my pregnancy, and as it got closer to our son’s birth,  I kept dropping hints that margaritas were in order as soon as I were released from the hospital.  I honestly forgotten all about it until the first night our new baby was home.  My sweet husband ran out,  brought back ice cream & Margaritaville mix, and said,  “You’ve done enough.  Relax for a while. “
At Christmas,  after listening to my ranting about society as a collective becoming worse and the world a scarier place,  He didn’t go out and get some over priced jewelry that will sit on my dresser for the majority of its life (because I don’t wear a lot of jewelry) or some other stereotypical Husband gift. He bought me a gun-made sure I could shoot it effectively-and bought my concealed carry permit.
“You need to know how to protect yourself if you’re ever in a situation and I’m mot around. ” And he made sure of that.
He talks to me. We discuss things that are going on in our lives,  and its not just to humor each other.  He takes a genuine interest in what’s going on other than the day to day trivial tasks of a SAHM.
Sometimes I’ll have girlfriends ask,  “how are things going between y’all? ” and they seem surprised,  maybe even disappointed,  that I don’t have a huge bitch list to get off my chest. But we really never fight-our arguments are even stupid and comical-and we have an all around healthy relationship.  And that’s how it’s supposed to be! You aren’t supposed to find yourself bitching about your spouse all the time.
And no, mine doesn’t shower me with flowers & jewelry at every holiday… and I don’t want him to. I want him to keep doing exactly what he’s doing;  paying attention to what I say and putting forth the effort to show that not only does he listen. But he cares.
And that’s why I have the World’s Best Husband.

5 tips for buying/selling items online through PayPal

I’ve learned alot about selling online

So, when I’m not busy writing, raising a child, being an awesome wife, I take on the role of an admin for a Facebook group built for the buying, selling, and trading of cloth diapers. There’s a small team of us, and we approve posts before going live to ensure they meet requirements, and act as a Liaison between buyer/seller should anything go wrong.

So this post is aimed at helping you with all your online selling, trading, and buying transactions (be it cloth or anything!). From the perspective of an admin, a buyer, and a seller,  hopefully you will find these tips helpful! Continue reading “5 tips for buying/selling items online through PayPal”

Haters Gonna Hate…

There’s going to be some people out there you cannot please.
No matter who you are,  or what you believe in-someone,  somewhere,  is not only going to have a problem with it;  they are going to tell you about it.
And then the contrast to this; someone,  somewhere,  absolutely loves your ideas,  your beliefs,  and thinks you can do no wrong.
It’s how you handle people and their negativity (or even positivity) that makes all the difference.
You can either decide to let every small,  bad comment bring you down,  make you feel small,  and send you off into a depressed state licking your wounds, afraid to ever speak again.  Or you can brush it off.  Don’t pay it any attention. Don’t dignify them with response.  Never feed it. You have to starve a troll,  to make them go away.
On the other hand,  never let all the praise get to your head-take everything in stride. Remain humble,  and forever grateful. Because the trolls come out to cut you down when they see you grow. And you have to be ready for that.
Some people like me,  some don’t.  I would allow the haters to win if I gave up. And lose the faith of my lovers if I allowed my head to get too big.
But I will still keep being me. And that’s my message to everyone else out there. The difference with everyone else’s opinion of YOU, just depends on how you handle them. Stay strong♡♥♡

The Great Escape

As a SAHM, I take any opportunity to do anything without my child, very, very seriously.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I love my baby, nothing has brought me more enjoy & purpose to life. But things are a lot easier to deal with when I don’t have him in tow. Errands are actually ran. A cup of coffee can be enjoyed. Chores will become accomplished.

Today I had the surprise of leaving the kid with Daddy, who was staying home from class (he didn’t need to go in today). I planned my escape with anticipation.

Walmart isn’t the most glamorous location to run away to in any case, but I will take what I can get nowadays. You take regular activities for granted before you have kids. Children teach you to enjoy the little things.

Like being able to quickly select a shopping cart, throw your purse in the seat, and go! No struggling with diaper bag, no screaming baby, or stares from other consumers.

What a joy it is to just toss your crap anywhere in the car without having to worry if it will topple over and crush your kid. You have (seemingly) unlimited space, and the sky is your limit!

And after you’ve bought your essentials (me: borax, calgon & washing soda for cloth diaper laundry) you are free to speed through the self-check out aisle, which is much faster than the regular cashier’s lane, and even faster than usual now because you are free to ring everything up yourself. No baby to keep an eye on, stop from grabbing everything within eye level, or keep from trying to climb out the seat.

Next stop-the drive thru coffee shop! I would have went inside, but I myself have grown accustomed to drive thru. It’s nearly your only option if you don’t want to lug a child through the establishment. But today-no fussy baby wanting to go home. I don’t have to worry about the wait. It’s worth the ten minutes it takes in line and I get that one, simple but satisfying, carnal pleasure that is a mocha frappachino (Elliano’s version anyway).20160220_142759-1

There’s nothing like sipping on frozen coffee while standing in line at the post office. Correction: nothing like doing this without carrying your baby under one arm. Secretly wishing the line were longer, I took my time writing out the address, telling the post office clerk, “take your time” as she refilled the receipt paper before giving me the tracking number for the package I was sending. Almost time to go home.

Taking the long road back, I reflect on the amount of time I’ve actually been away from the house. Not long, really. But oddly enough, as much as I needed alone time, I can’t wait to get back to my baby. He doesn’t notice I’ve been gone all this time, still playing with Daddy and the stuffed Chewbacca he got for Christmas. Sometimes all we need is a short break to recharge.  And even though some things are way easier without him, it’s so much better to finally be done with it so I can get back to him.