How To Deal With Your Partner’s Opposite Schedule

Does An Opposite Schedule Have You Down?

Trust me, I know the feeling. Marriage always takes equal effort from both parties involved, and that can be even harder when you both have a completely opposite schedule!  But, there’s is hope… Continue reading “How To Deal With Your Partner’s Opposite Schedule”

Summer Fun With SwimWays Baby Spring Float

Continue reading “Summer Fun With SwimWays Baby Spring Float”

Dino Dan: Trek’s Adventures-Dino Go Seek DVD Review & Giveaway

Dinosaur Fun!

My son absolutely loves dinosaurs. Actually, my husband does too. It’s one thing they really bond over. And they’ve been watching and enjoying this cute DVD, Dino Dan: Trek’s Adventures – Dino Go Seek… Continue reading “Dino Dan: Trek’s Adventures-Dino Go Seek DVD Review & Giveaway”

Parenting in Joyful Chaos Book Review

Life With Two Under Two

I often imagine how our daily routine would be had we given birth to twins. Or even, having another baby while our son is almost two years old himself. I love reading about the different struggles, and triumphs, from parents of multiple children. And this new book, Parenting in Joyful Chaos , by someone I am very honored to be acquainted with, does not disappoint! Continue reading “Parenting in Joyful Chaos Book Review”

SudPrize Bath Bombs and SudBuds Game

Bath Bombs & Games For Kids Combined!

Bath bombs are awesome. Bath bombs that come with a game are even better! We got to try the new SudPrize bath bombs, and the new SudBuds augmented reality game! Continue reading “SudPrize Bath Bombs and SudBuds Game”